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Feb 2, 2013 6:00am PST
us. >> biden will also meet the us envoy to syria -- un envoy to syria. up until now, russia has been the biggest supporter of the syrian president's regime. >> our chief political correspondent is in munich following the talks. melinda, thanks for being with us. russians and americans are expected to talk about syria. can you expect progress? >> on the basis of what we heard this morning, certainly the talks will be difficult. we heard in the report vice president biden calling for asa ad to step down, the russian prime minister said people putting priority on him stepping down is the main reason this conflict is prolonged. they are due to meet later this afternoon, but it is clearly difficult for them to come to any agreement on what conditions need to be imposed if any. we also know he will be meeting with the international envoy for syria, and the head of the syrian opposition, who has said he is willing to ago she ate with members of the regime, but whether biden is likely to recommend that bashar al-assad is a precondition -- is stepping down as a precondition, is not known. >>
Feb 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
and that in a moment, but first, to the events of russia. the media or was first spotted at around 9:20 a.m. local time. russia's academy of science said it into the atmosphere at a speed of over 50,000 kilometers per hour and then shattered into pieces. >> the media is thought to have been just about two meters across, but that was enough to cause a massive sonic boom, and it was far from harmless. hundreds of people were injured, most of them by shattering glass. >> a rare moment caught on camera -- don turned to daylight as the media or into the earth's atmosphere with a bang -- dawn turned to daylight. it streaked above the sky leaving a white trail. mobile phones stopped working. the shock wave set off car alarms, and local residents were left wondering what was happening. >> i saw something moving in the sky. then there was a flash. we thought it was fireworks. that was followed by an explosion. the weather broke. t, bread, and water -- everything felony floor. -- the window for. >> windows were blown out of dozens of buildings. most of the injuries were light. hundreds have been treated at local
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am PST
as sang asteroid skims fast earth hours after a meter identity caused destruction in russia. the d.n.a. testing as horse meat the found in british food. and 18 points clear the with a solid win. >> a close escape for earth. our planet as narrowly dodged about asteroid strike. this follows a meter explosion over russia. ly a few hours later the closest-ever asteroid took place. it highlights the earth's position in what some with are calling a galactic shooting yard. >> many wanted to catch the massive space rock that skimmed so close to the earth. but on strong binoculars or high-powered telescopes could provide a glimpse of the asteroid. it provided astronomers with an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons. >> this is awfully important to we can take steps to eventually protect the earth from an asteroid. >> had it hit, it would have devastated a huge area and caused more damage than a russian meter strike. over 1,000 people were injured by the incident and dozens of -- are still in the hospital. >> i went to see what the flash in the sky was and then went to the other side o
Feb 1, 2013 2:00pm PST
. politically, it's part of russia. it's a small place and its people have always been herders. they herd sheep, yak, goats, and when you live all of the time with animals, you develop a very close relationship with the animals. and so there's actually many forms of music that are used to interact with animals. they're part of the environment. horses occupy a central place in the life of tuvans and there's a lot of music that's also related to horses in different ways. first of all, the instruments-- they're made of horses. the igil for instance, the two string fiddle, is made from the skin of a horse, which is on the head of the instrument. the strings are made from horse gut. the bow is made from horse hair and, in fact, a lot of the music that's performed on that instrument is about horses. there's a legend about a horse that dies and goes to heaven. and the owner of the horse hears the voice of his beloved animal coming to him from the heavens. and the horse tells him to build this instrument, the igil, and to play a tune. and that when that tune is played, he will come down from the heaven
Feb 18, 2013 2:00pm PST
russia, a permanent member of the u.n. security council, to put pressure on their ally, syria. they say they welcome any attempts from any side to end the conflict and end the violence happening. they have always said that they were concerned about crimes committed against humanity and they have always stressed that they will do everything that they can to support moves to end the conflict in syria. >> we will have more in a moment, but staying in brussels , they have agreed to renew an arms embargo against syria. britain wanted to allow the nation's two armed forces, but many say neither side should be armed with weapons from europe. sanctions are also amended to provide greater humanitarian and technical assistance and protection of civilians. let us turn now to nina to ask for more about the foreign minister's reasoning for renewing the arms embargo on syria. >> most eu countries are worried about the further militarization of the conflict. they say against the background reports coming in that anti- government forces have also committed war crimes but they are reluctant to send more
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5